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Designing the Perfume Boxes in an Innovative Way | by matthewbaxter812
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Designing the Perfume Boxes in an Innovative Way

One of the items that you use for the #personal #improvement is a #perfume. Perfume is basically a chemical which is composed of aromatic oils and other fragrant substances. Most commonly, the perfumes are enclosed in the fragile glass bottles for the purpose of preserving their fragrance and also show their uniqueness. So, it may not be the nicest idea to put the bottle on display to attract customers. You will surely have to use a fancy bottle packaging to make your perfume product an attraction. And there is no room for the use if uninteresting boxes.


In this article, we are going to discuss some ideas for the packaging of perfume bottles.


Innovative structure of the box

The very important thing you will have to take into consideration while packaging a perfume bottle is the overall structure of the box. Innovation is the key in this regard because this is how you can tell your customers about the quality and type of perfume packed inside. Now, if the box is like a cylinder, it means that the perfume bottle inside it is secure. The sloppy and easy to break packaging leads the customer to conclude that the bottle inside the box is more susceptible to breakage. And this poor quality packaging also raises question about the quality of perfume.


Here, it would be worth mentioning the types of perfume #boxes. The boxes of first type are produced through machines and the second type is made through a manual process. Manual packaging is not in fashion now days because it doesn’t provide much of the protection to the perfume bottle. On the other hand, machine-prepared boxes are strong and durable enough to secure the bottles nicely. These boxes tend to keep the bottles safe in case the packaging receives an impact.


Tagline on the packaging

A tagline on the perfume packaging is something that gives an idea about the type of #fragrance. Some of the taglines become so famous that they bring the product under a spotlight. Here, you will have to make sure that the tagline you have produced about the perfume represents the fragrance in a fitting manner.


Make sure the packaging is cost effective

The perfume boxes need to represent the luxuriousness of the product. However, it shouldn’t mean that the perfume box you have selected needs to be expensive. And also, it doesn’t mean that the box can be composed of low quality materials. As it turns out, high quality materials aren’t necessarily expensive. You just have to make sure that you have selected the box composed of right materials which support the packaging of a perfume bottle.

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Uploaded on June 26, 2019