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A Unique Routine for Preparing for the Dentist Office | by idaknight316
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A Unique Routine for Preparing for the Dentist Office

As a lifelong fan of #baseball, I have come to appreciate and admire when a player has a great routine. Some player’s routines begin way before the game has even begun and they are at their house. A routine could include eating a certain #food before a game, sitting in the same spot on the bench, or even wearing a certain pair of gross socks.


Routines are incredibly important for helping the brain remember certain things, and also for helping the brain prepare for specific events. That’s why, several years ago, I decided to develop very specific routines for events in my life to help me stay focused, to stay on track, and to make sure I feel prepared for the occasion. One of these routines I prepared for and have thought through is when I have a #dentist #appointment.


Most people (if they are good) see the dentist one to two times each year for regular cleanings and maintenance work. For most of my early childhood and young adult life, I would always freak out about a week before one of these visits and I would begin asking all the usual, pre-dentist visit questions: “When was the last time I flossed?”, “Have I actually been brushing twice a day?”, “How much soda have I been drinking recently?”, “Well they be able to tell I have not been wearing my retainer?” All of these thoughts swirl through my head in the same way I swirl the water around in my mouth after the dentist sticks that weird tube in my mouth.


So, in order to combat these questions and the #anxiety that comes with them, I formulated a routine that I have been using for a while, that I wanted to share here in this article! Most dentists will send a card in the mail about two weeks before your appointment, reminding you of when the appointment is. Whenever I receive that card, my routine begins.


From that point on, I begin brushing my teeth twice a day. I even change out my toothbrush head that I use so I can get a new one with firm thistles to make sure I have the maximum cleaning available to me. I floss in the morning, and at night, directly after I eat. I make sure my retainer is cleaned, and worn, each night before bed. I go on a strict diet where I do not drink soda, and I limit my candy to only dark chocolate.


All these things, and the consistency of doing them two weeks before my appointment, helps calm my anxiety and prepares me to have a thoroughly enjoyable dentist visit. That being said, I can’t prove that any of those things actually helps my teeth, but, it does help my mind, which is more important to me. And, I can honestly tell the dentist that I have been flossing.

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Uploaded on June 19, 2019