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Fixing the Autocorrect ‘Ducking’ Issue | by meredithmarshall730
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Fixing the Autocorrect ‘Ducking’ Issue

IOS has some amazing features which make the iPhones great. However, there are many annoyances which you would not really want to have while using the phone. One of those annoyances is the ‘ducking’ problem with the autocorrect.


Here, you may wonder what a ‘#ducking’ problem is. This problem can really make a mess of a conversation which could be quite sensitive in nature. And #autocorrect to ‘ducking’ may leave you wanting to throw away your phone and never have it again.


Good thing is that you can fix this problem for good. The simple solution you may already to know is to switch the autocorrect off. If you do not know, you just need to go to Settings > General > Keyboard and uncheck the Auto-Correction. However, it’s not recommended generally to turn this feature off because autocorrect has a lot of benefits which you may not want to miss.


Overriding autocorrect

One of the ways to treat the ‘ducking’ issue is the text replacement. This option allows you expand abbreviations. For instance, writing ‘omw’ and expanding it translates it into ‘On my way’. That’s the kind of solution that can help you get rid of the ‘ducking’ issue.


Another benefit of this feature is that you can add words to autocorrect dictionary. You just need to write the same word in the #Text Replacement in both of the spaces, and this will allow you to override autocorrect. With this way, the autocorrect will not correct the word on its own no matter if you type the word correctly or otherwise. Here is how you can do it.


1. Open the settings

2. Press General

3. Press Keyboard

4. Press Text Replacement

5. You will be able to see “omw” example. You will need to “+” sign in the upper right to add another one.

6. In the new screen, type ‘F Word’ in both the Phrase and Shortcut spaces.

7. On the upper right, there will be an option to save. Press this button. Now the autocorrect will not correct the words.


Autocorrect is an option that you would not want to disable due to the benefits it can provide. With the help of above mentioned steps, you can save yourself from the embarrassment while using autocorrect.

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Uploaded on June 21, 2019