Solitude? Evident. Medium altitude? That's my comfort zone.


Anchored vs. afloat: A never ending paradox. The truth resides somewhere in between.

My mood is seasonal? Yours is wavelets nibbling away at my defensiveness.

Labeled as a creative nerd? (was that a compliment?) Hell, you're dreamy & stupendously colorful.

Yea, I like your hot red hues. See-through blues are captivating too.

You might be 2 hours early (rarely), or 2 hours late (I hate you for that) but your timing is always perfect.


The best part? I've learned to see you in different light.

Appreciation is a process. I know-hefty tuition to learn a bit about that.

Being grounded with slabs or journeying with comets isn't galvanizing any more. I'm content with medium altitude. Amazing what little solitude in a salt shaker can do.


Bring along your crystal ball and I'll bring my prism. You know where to find me. Let's meet halfway.




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Taken sometime in 2012