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11 Valuable E-mail Marketing Tips to Get a Great Return | by lorettaleonard224
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11 Valuable E-mail Marketing Tips to Get a Great Return

Do you want to get a great return from your e-mail #marketing #campaigns? If your answer is yes, then read on the entire article to know the essential tips for e-mail marketing.


Let’s jump on the tips quickly!


Double open strategy

What is the double open strategy? It is a simple strategy and you must follow this if you want a great response from your e-mails. In this strategy, you need to resend your same e-mail to your subscriber if he does not open your first e-mail. Resend your same e-mail with a different subject line to the same subscriber. There are 70% chances that a subscriber will open your e-mail the second time if he does not open your e-mail for the first time.


The second time, use a better and optimizes subject line for your e-mail. Change the time of sending your e-mail. For sending your e-mail the second time, take 3 days gaps from the first e-mail.


Cliffhanger subject line strategy for your e-mail

This would be a great strategy to get a huge response from your e-mails. You can engage your subscribers through this subject line strategy. Curiosity can make a click on your e-mail. And you can develop curiosity by making your subject line cliffhanger. Make your subject line that can develop suspense, and make the subscriber open your e-mail. Like, put a half and an interesting statement as a subject line. They will definitely click on the e-mail to know more. Your subject line would be like, “The secret to getting a flat tummy in just 10 days…..”


Make an attractive preheader

Preheader is as important for e-mail marketing campaigns as a subject line is. Pay full attention to your preheader. Use the preheader space of an e-mail effectively. Neglecting a preheader portion of an e-mail would be the biggest mistake. As an online marketer, you should know the importance of preheader space. Give the same importance to your preheader text as you give your subject line.


Make CTA buttons appealing

Try to avoid pathetic #CTA buttons in your every e-mail. People usually use the same buttons in their e-mails like shop now or buy now. This is not appealing at all now. Make your CTA buttons attractive and crafty. Be descriptive and transparent while making CTA buttons in your #e-mails. To get a great return on your e-mail marketing, change and innovation are always super important.


Engage your subscribers for a longer run

This is a natural phenomenon that you want to boost your seasonal sales through e-mails. Usually, marketers use e-mails for a small duration sale. This is good enough to do. But the best marketers would engage their customers for a long run through e-mails. This should be a primary goal for online marketers. You can build a strong relationship with your customer if you engage them through your appealing e-mails.


Make your subject line specific and concise

Do not bore your subscribers by keeping your #subject line lengthy. Trim it short as you can. 51% of subscribers do not open an e-mail which has a lengthy and bore subject line. So, avoid this mistake in your e-mails.


Frequent capping strategy

Do not frustrate your subscribers by sending them too many e-mails. Due to this factor, 59% subscriber unsub you or send your e-mails in the spam box. So, to avoid this mistake use frequent capping strategy. By this feature, you will able to limit your e-mails. And your subscriber will not get annoyed by your e-mails.


Frequent split testing of your e-mails

You should always test your e-mails pattern, to engage your subscribers. Try to use A/B testing for your e-mails. This strategy will fix your e-mails mistakes. Test your e-mails elements by using A/B testing. Try to test only one element at a time. Like subject line at one time.


Maintain your e-mails

To get a proper and organic result of your e-mail, maintain a proper list of the e-mails you receive. Make a list of received-mails, another list of deliverables, and a separate list for delivered services/products.


A brief e-mail

Keep your e-mail concise and short. Do not add all the information in one e-mail. Create curiosity in your subscriber’s mind to know more or to reply back.


Stay updated with the market trends

Every market is growing and changing rapidly. Same is the case with the online market. So, to engage your subscribers to keep yourself and your subscribers updated with the new trends.


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Uploaded on June 19, 2019