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Significant SEO Considerations for Paywalled Websites and Publishers | by allisonboone289
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Significant SEO Considerations for Paywalled Websites and Publishers

Creating a content that can win SEO strategy is always on the top priority for every website and writer. Every SEO professional cannot deny the fact that developing the SEO content, to increase their ranking on Google search is not a cup of tea these days. Every website and writer want an organic ranking. As an SEO professional, I can understand the worth of good content, solid website architecture, and strong backlinks. For an SEO professional, all such things are super important. You can consider the importance of backlinks and content due to Google’s non-transparent algorithm and endless key updates.


Purpose of SEO is very transparent and simple to every SEO professional. It is key to make your content visible to most of the users on the internet. Every website and writer want their content to be searched and read more. Precisely, you want more and more visitors on your website. You want your website on the top of the Google search.


If that is the case, then, what is happening with paywalled websites? If you are putting an obstacle for users, then how can you demand more users and visitors on your website. Well, it is all possible. You can create organic traffic on your website. Developing a paywalled website can give organic traffic and some benefits in spite of little barriers.


The following could be the benefits for the paywalled websites:

•A paywalled website can access more and detailed information about their users.

•User, who put efforts to get your content behind a paywall is usually considered as a genuine, trustworthy and worthy for your website.

•A user who goes through the paywalls to access your content is often become your customer or client as compared to the other users.


Apart from the above benefits, there are definitely some drawbacks for paywalled content. These are:

•You have countable traffic, as many users do not want to go through this gate.

•Earning links for your paywalled website become hard due to the payment. As many users do not want them to show as marketers for your content.

•You have to receive many negativities about your website. As users usually want to access free content. And your paywall feature is stopping them.


Google’s Policy for Paywalled Website

You have to follow some important guideline by Google whether your website is free or premium. If your website is paywalled, you have to follow Google’s rules.


Many paywalled websites face the problem that how they make their website visible to the users. For this problem, Google has introduced the First Click Free (FCF) policy. This policy allows users free access to a small portion of content. For this, publishers have to provide some free content on their paywalled websites. Rest of the content is premium.


Many of the publishers are not satisfied with this policy. So, in 2017 another policy is introduced by Google which is called Flexible Sampling.


This policy gives maneuvering space to the publishers. They can decide on their own, how much content they want their content free and premium. Publishers can also decide how they provide their content to the users.


Options in Flexible Sampling

Three options for paywalled websites and publishers in a flexible sample they can choose from:



In this option, users can get access to a small portion of the entire article, which is selected by the publisher. For the rest of the article, a user has to pay a subscription fee.



In this option, the user can read almost three articles from a paywalled website in one month. After that, users have to pay a subscription fee for the rest of the articles.


Hard Paywalls

In this case, all the content is hidden and paid. You have to pay to unlock the content. This is a hard rule for organic traffic on the internet. This is hardly visible on the search engine.


You can select the best option as your need for traffic. Decide the option according to your content.


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Uploaded on June 19, 2019