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The Dentist Office of the Future | by kristinetorres754
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The Dentist Office of the Future

The year is 2019. Each day it feels like a new app is created, a new invention comes out, or a new product is released with revolutionary technology that will change my life in ways that have never occurred before. Most #businesses and companies would tell you that change is good, and that adapting and trying to “get with the times” is a good move for whatever you are trying to accomplish. However, there still seem to be certain businesses that feel completely stuck in the past. One of the most prominent of these is the #dentist office.


I recently just went in for my regular dentist appointment and to get my teeth cleaned. I wanted to share my experience so I can provide contexts for the proposed changes and ideas I have at the end of this article. Below are a few bullet points of things that are not just old, but at this point are almost completely extinct:


●The sign on the door is one of those old, gold plated, signs that looks like it belongs in a 1920s movie.

●The paint on the walls of the office is a faded tan and they even have wallpaper in some places!

●There is a magazine rack hanging on the wall where you can still grab a Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping, and even a print edition of Sports Illustrated (yes they still print this!)

●I signed in for my appointment on a clipboard (technically she did enter my info into a computer then, but why can I not just input stuff into an iPad at this point?)

●Going back to the chair, the pictures on the wall look like they were torn out of a 1960s guide to what a mouth should look like.


These are just a few of the examples that completely baffled me during my visit. I would think that in a profession where you want things to look clean and professional, that dentist offices would try to put forward more of an effort on being updated and changing their practice to include more technology. However this does not feel like the case. Below are some proposed, simple ideas that I came up with I think more dentist offices should try - and who knows? It might even help bring in new business!


●Have a TV in the waiting area and provide Wifi to your guests.

●Refresh the sign and pain on the walls. Go with some neutral, light colors that provide a nice clean feeling to the viewer.

●Have an iPad available for check-in. There are tons of apps and integrations that are available for dentists. Download your favorite one and put it to use.

●Hire a photographer to take some pictures of you working with patients and hang those up in the office. Or get some modern pieces of art to make the hallways look more refreshing.

●Have a good playlist going in the background for your patients while they are getting worked on.

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Uploaded on June 19, 2019