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Tools and Supplies for Bonsai | by gwensimmons826
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Tools and Supplies for Bonsai

Bonsai trees are some of the most interesting, unique, noticeable, weird things out there in the plant world. By its very nature, it’s something that “shouldn’t” be possible considering that it’s a full fledged tree under a few feet tall. How is this even possible for the tree to miniature with a trunk, actual leaves, and roots and limbs?


Basically, the answer is through taming it. #Taming the shoots of a sapling with special #bonsai wire allows for the tree to grow “outwards” but never up. So, what happens is the tree’s growth upwards is stunted, yet it keeps itself alive and can sort of grow its trunk outwards and keep a low profile on its canopy.


Some may say this is cruel or unnatural for the trees, but in all reality, the trees are treated very well, given lots of care, and still are able to be trees. It’s truly no different than trimming other house plants to keep their certain size so that they don’t overgrow within one’s home. Or, think of topiary: it’s also art for people who prefer it on their property.


Bonsai goes way back, too. The Japanese perfected this style of art with plants as early as the 6th century AD, though #Chinese #penjing came even earlier in the first few centuries AD.


The fact that this style of art and expression has been around this long is a testament to how powerful it can be in art, but also how well trees take to the practice of being formed and stunted. While one can say that stunting a tree’s growth is not beneficial to the tree, it’s certainly not harmful either.


In fact, I recently got a bonsai tree for my fiance and me, and I’ve even ordered a few trimming tools online that should arrive in shipping boxes to my home within a few days. I’m wanting to take this seriously, making sure to treat the tree with respect while also trimming it to keep it in check.


The coolest thing to me about the trees is that they can be set outside during the entire spring/summer to get the sun and rain that regular trees would get, too. Only during the winter do you need to bring them inside for warmth and indirect sunlight. I’m sure I’ll be having a few other shipping boxes full of tools sent to my place when winter approaches in order to take care of my tree as best I can during the colder weather.


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Uploaded on June 19, 2019