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Using Cardboard Boxes for Packaging and Promotion | by danieltussey885
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Using Cardboard Boxes for Packaging and Promotion

When it comes to #packaging, you need to make sure that the type of packaging you are using makes your #product and #brand distinguishable from the others. The reason is that the similarities in packaging can result in confusions. It would be worth mentioning here that most reliable kind of packaging is the one that involves cardboard boxes. Given the durability and strength, it is easy for anyone to mistake these boxes to be expensive. But the matter of fact is that these #boxes are cheaper as compared to many other packaging options.


In this article, we are going to discuss about the most common and reliable types of #cardboard boxes.


Custom cardboard postage boxes

Custom cardboard postage boxes provide an ultimate solution for the packaging of items. As the name suggests, these boxes are ideal to be used in the postal services. These boxes are made of the corrugated cardboard which is composed of two cardboard sheets and a grooved sheet. The grooved sheet is sandwiched between the two straight sheets. This structure makes the corrugated board quite strong and durable for the shipping.


A few things that you need to take into consideration while picking a cardboard box are:


•The kind of cardboard #printing

•The color palette that you want to use for the packaging #design

•Requirement for extra foaming or cushioning

•The size of boxes which you are going to need


Cardboard boxes for shipping

Cardboard boxes are going to be quite effective if you want to use them for #shipping purposes. Due to the level of strength these boxes can provide, you can use them to protect your item during the transit. Shipping can turn out to be a harsh procedure for the products which you are shipping. And if you have packaged your products well using cardboard boxes, you can actually reduce the chances of products getting damaged.


The best thing about the structure of these boxes is that they have air columns which are known to provide optimum cushioning to the products packaged inside. Since these boxes are to be used for the safety of items while they are being shipped, the strength and durability of these boxes are highly focused.


Archive cardboard boxes

These boxes are ideal for the personal as well as professional usage. Typically, these boxes are used for the storage of important documents. However, you can also use them for organizing purposes. These boxes are composed of harder cardboard sheets. Thus, they can help you carry heavy loads from one place to another. These boxes are available in different sizes. You can buy the ones according to your requirements.

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Uploaded on June 19, 2019