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"Silhouette" | by TheLegoRoleplayer/ajtazt
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"Back when Makuta Tridax was making Shadow Takanuvas for Teridax. Teridax decided that he wanted a truely pure Toa of Shadow, one that didn't use to be a Matoran of light. So Tridax search for a worthy Matoran to become this Shadow Toa. He found a Ko-Matoran that liked to steal and break almost any law there was and he was considered the most cold hearted Ko-Matoran in existance. He threw a Shadow Leech on the Matoran and it took his element of ice out and replaced it with shadow. Then Tridax told the Matoran that if he wanted power to do what the Makuta tells him to do. Then Tridax got a Toa of Ice, Toa Stone and brought the them to Teridax. Tridax used a special Shadow Leech on the Toa Stone to turn it into a Toa Stone of Shadow. Then Teridax fired a powerful shadow beam at the stone, it lit up, a shadow energy came out of the stone and it hit the Matoran. The energy turned the Matoran into a pure Toa of Shadow. He then used his new power to beat the two Makuta and he left to join the Dark Hunters. He got his code name "Silhouette" at the Dark Hunters because of his abilities. But he didn't make enough money with the Dark Hunters and he beat them all up with their own shadows, but he kept he's code name because he liked it. Although, some call him "Out Line". From there, he just took what ever he wanted and he began to make a shadow army on Spherus Magna. "Silhouette" wears the Mask of Scavenging and his weapons are the Blades of Darkness. The Blades of Darkness are made of solidified shadows and can be two separate swords or one big sword in the picture. Abilities: He travels faster in ice and snow because of his ski feet, but they are sharp and can cut Protosteel easily. He can manipulate, create, and control shadows. He can walk through wall, people ect. and he can shapeshift. Because of his unnatural transformation, he has to take the light and good out of other beings. He can even take the little good that Teridax has and sustain him for months. To do this he makes himself like a costume over his hosts(Like Venom in Marvel Comics). He gives his host the power to control shadow while he/she "wears" him, while strengthening the abilities the host already has. But he'll start to control the host mind and if not removed. He'll have complete control over the host and make him/her into one of his shadow minions."

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Taken on June 10, 2012