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Bad Breath? Here’s Why | by ellsworthloftis
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Bad Breath? Here’s Why

Meeting new people can be awkward enough when you don’t know how they respond to certain topics, what they’re truly like inside, and most importantly what they actually think about you.


But guess what makes it even harder to meet new people? What other factors can you imagine makes it awkward (like how they speak, how they interact, and even . . . how they smell)?


Breath, unfortunately, is a part of that last category and can be something that will absolutely turn you off to someone you just met. It’s really no surprise that people often check their #breath before meeting up with a new hot date. I mean, if the date were to smell your breath and it was bad, all things would be called off immediately.


So while we certainly can do things like brush our teeth, rinse with #mouthwash, pop a mint in our mouths, floss extensively, and even go to further measures, this is only masking our bad breath for the time being. And when certain things are underlying issues to bad breath, this won’t help forever. Especially if you have chronic bad breath.


Want to know why your breath smells so bad all the time? It could be one of these reasons.



This is something that affects a lot of Americans, so it’s not something you should be embarrassed about too much. Bleeding gums and bad breath are never things you want to have, but the good thing is you can have it treated quite easily so long as you see your dentist twice a year and stick to a good dental routine. It’s a situation that’s easy to right the ship on, but if you continue to let it happen, things can devolve into some pretty nasty stuff.



Smoking or smokeless, #tobacco causes bad breath to linger because you’re killing cells in your mouth, promoting dry mouth, and allowing #bacteria to feast on your gums in particular (which only exacerbates the problem that gingivitis causes). Try to quit now rather than later if you want to save your breath and dental health in general.


What you eat

What you put into your body can affect a lot of things, but breath is one of the first things you’ll notice if you eat pungent things like dairy, onions, garlic, or fish. These are temporary, of course, but if you’re looking to meet up with someone new, try avoiding these foods while you’re on a date.

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Uploaded on June 4, 2019