R2BR Camp Week 4
Read to Be Ready Summer Camp wrapped up with a busy final week. Our curriculum focus for the final week was animals as we wrapped up our learning about living things. Students had the opportunity to study many types of animals by exploring books such as Where Are the Night Animals? by Mary Ann Fraser, Would You Rather Be a Pollywog? by Dr. Seuss, and My Visit to the Zoo by Aliki. Students had many instances for reading independently, partner reading, writing, and listening to stories. Hands on activities this week included investigating owl pellets and “creating” our own animals. Our home libraries continued to expand as we chose six new books to take home this week provided by the Read to Be Ready grant, and we enjoyed our last visit to the Greeneville City Schools Book Bus. Over the duration of summer camp full-time campers have selected and received over 30 free, brand new books to keep and read at home.

We were excited to welcome many visitors this week. Mr. Jim Holt, a local bird expert and naturalist, shared his expertise about nocturnal animals. Campers particularly enjoyed hearing the unique sounds different owls make. Barbara Southerland and the members of the Farm Bureau Women provided a presentation and tasting experience to help us understand how farms provide food. We learned how different breeds of cows provide our milk for drinking and how the milk is used to provide other ingredients used in cooking. Through visuals, questioning, and much conversation we learned about the different breeds of beef cattle that provide us with the meat we eat. Pat and Dan Barnett, retired local educators and members of the Nolichucky Watershed Alliance, provided information and hands on learning stations at the wetlands at Dogwood Park (Holley Creek Watershed) to help campers understand the importance of a wetland habitat. We discussed the names of the plants and talked about how the water from the pond will eventually end up in the Nolichucky River which is where we get our drinking water. We wrapped up our summer camp with a final field trip to Bright’s Zoo. Campers enjoyed the opportunity to see and touch many of the animals they have been reading about during camp. They were able to feed the goats and they particularly enjoyed spending time in the aviary where they were able to feed the Lorikeets.

Our weeks at camp have been busy with reading, writing, and exploring the world around us. As we wrap up our time at camp, we wish our campers the very best.
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