Polaris Amphitheater - Part 1
Polaris Amphitheater, or Germain as it was called when it closed in 2007, is now just in decay and ruin. There were 6,700 seats in the open-air pavilion (less than a third of those remain) and room for another 13,300 people in the lawn.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the rising real estate values were the main reason behind the closure and also speculates competition from other similarly sized venues such as Nationwide Arena, Value City Arena, Columbus Crew Stadium (this wasn't the case at the time), and Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. In 2007, only nine shows were scheduled, the least number of shows at Germain/Polaris since it opened.

Following the 2007 concert season, the facility and property were auctioned for sale but received no bids from buyers. Since then, no one has even mentioned it let alone tried to revamp it. Seats have been uprooted and there is quite a level of untouched vandalism and graffiti.

I hopped the barricade and shot these pictures on June 29, 2011
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