Wisbech East to March as a Working Branch Line
The Wisbech to March branch, in it's hay days ran through directly to Kings Lynn via Emneth and Smeeth Road. The bridge over the river Ouse became unsafe and too expensive to repair so it was removed. The line was double tracked from March to Wisbech and single tracked from there on. In 1968 the line was closed to passenger traffic,disconnected from the East Station but single lined to the Goods yard that was in use up till 1999 for light goods traffic. The very last train to use the branch was a Railway Supporters Tour 'The Fenman' on May 12, 2001. Wisbech once an important Market Town is now isolated and at the mercy of regular road closures for hours at a time.

But resent Business groups together with Railfuture and the Local MP are pressing urgently to get the branch reopened with an hourly service to Cambridge and and hourly service to March as a shuttle. Giving Wisbech it's very first half hourly service to March?
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