• Benny
  • Marvin
  • Naomi
  • Seven - I originally named her "Elle" because it looked like an upside down "L" on her face, but Carl said it was a "7" so he kept calling her "Seven" and that name has seemed to stick.
  • I love the little Boing Boing front feet that goats get. - marymactavish

Off to the races!

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I've really got to get the bottle-babies (Benjamin, Marvin, Naomi & Seven) out of the house and living outside, but they cry & cry when I leave them alone and I'm too much of a softie. I always give in and let them back into the house. The other problem is, they're still small enough to squeeze through the gate down at the barn, so even when I try to leave them there with the other goats, within a few minutes, they're through the gate and at my backdoor begging to be let inside.

So for now, I take them outside a few times a day to play, and to get used to being with other goats. So far it's not really working - they run away from the other goats and only want to be with me. If they keep thinking that they're human, I guess I'm going to have to see about enrolling them in kindergarten next year!

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  1. ♥babybee ages ago | reply

    Impossible not to smile when looking at this image! :)

    Thanks for sharing your 50+ FAVES photo with us @
    The World Through My Eyes

  2. ♥babybee ages ago | reply

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  3. deerluvr ages ago | reply

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    Your KARMA Group
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  4. rich66 ~~ ages ago | reply

    ah, what a cute shot...they love their mama don't they?

    Congratulations on your nomination and good luck to you.
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  5. vtpeacenik ages ago | reply

    I had a few goats many years ago. Loved them. I've never seen this breed. They are adorable.
    My best friend raised many sheep for 20 years, so I know about bottle babies. This a very cute story.

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  6. moggierocket ages ago | reply

    Hahahahahah!!! Thanks so much for this, it's priceless! They do look like they're playing a game, love that jumping!
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  7. rich66 ~~ ages ago | reply

    Thank you again for submitting this great shot in this week's Nominated Photo Contest in Your KARMA Group :)

  8. SammiSpatz ages ago | reply

    Benny is so cute ! and seven

  9. moggierocket ages ago | reply

    I think this is a "YES"
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  10. Osvaldo_Zoom ages ago | reply

    Really cute...and lovely. The first one is a little blurred, but the whole composition is so fine that I have to say YES to this baby-goats story

  11. bass_nroll ages ago | reply

    They are so sweet! and the composition is just great.. but in my opinion the little goat in the foreground is too blurred.. I'm sorry but I think this detail distract from the harmonic composition and lovely scene.
    No from me



  12. elavats ages ago | reply

    This is such a cute photo, it's really wonderful. Unfortunately I find the blurred little guy in the front a bit of a distraction. :( I'm glad that my vote isn't the deciding vote for the pool as I'd really have a dilemma. Sorry, but a small No from me. Someone else will give you the final vote. Thank you for posting your photo.


  13. marymactavish ages ago | reply

    I love the little guy in front with its floppy ears, and think this is a beautiful photo.

  14. noe_carrillo ages ago | reply

    this is tough! but i'm over all inclined to giving it a YES for the spot on subject. like a school of lamb in their physical education.
    The Jurors Group


  15. Boered ages ago | reply

    To The Jurors - LOL! Thanks for all the "yes" votes! When moggierocket invited this photo into the pool, I added it to the pre-judging thread without really looking into your group very hard. But after I added it, I saw how tough you guys are and I thought that this shot was sure to get 3 big "No" votes! I was surprised it made it, but thanks!

  16. moggierocket ages ago | reply

    :-) Glad you made it, I'd feel responsible if you got voted out - even though that's part of the game. I know that the first lamb is a little blurred but I think the rest is such an exhilarating photo, so joyful and funny that that outweighs it and that's why I invited you. Especially how they follow the path is hilarious.

  17. Kilo 66 (Over 5 Million Views & Counting) [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

    The flapping of those long beautiful ears gives them extra lift!

  18. jend73 98 months ago | reply

    They are adorable!

  19. mar52laine (Loving life with Jesus Christ) 97 months ago | reply

    That's what I was going to say!! Well, they are!!!

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