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    Day 341 of 365 (Year Two)

    It was downright, bone chilling cold outside today. Wind chill cold is one thing, but this was just cold. Of course, it being one of the coldest days we've had in awhile, I had to venture out several times today on various errands. I've had four glasses of hot chocolate, been wrapped in a blanket, and turned the heat up, but I'm still cold. I guess I'm gonna have to curl up with the portable heater tonight and throw and extra blanket or two on the bed to thaw out.

    The one benefit of the cold today, though, was a bit of ground covering snow. Not a lot, but not bad for flurries. Savanah and I were pleased to see it at least. It wasn't supposed to start until midnight, but it hit a bit early and was done by eight-ish. I had hoped it would hold out a while longer so I could do my selfie outside in it, but I waited too long. I wanted to warm up a bit first and didn't quite make it. Oh well, next time.

    1. lrayholly 77 months ago | reply

      Poor Bart! You look absolutely frigid! I know it's cold everywhere because it's even cold down here in Mississippi!

    2. Blue Eyes and Bluebonnets 77 months ago | reply

      Wonderful colors! Brrrrrrrrrrr.

    3. Cayusa 77 months ago | reply

      Most times I don't mind the cold, but yesterday it was that cold that just sunk in and took hold. BRRRR


    4. Lilypon_SK 77 months ago | reply

      Bart out of curiosity just how cold (actual reading) was it down there?

      Wonderful portrait! :)

    5. Cayusa 77 months ago | reply

      I have no idea! LOL

      Yesterday was one of those oppressive colds. It is one thing to have the wind blow and make you colder, but you at least feel a bit of relief once the wind stops. Yesterday was just an oppressive heavy cold if that makes any sense. Didn't matter what you did, it just seeped in and chilled you to the bone. It wasn't nearly as cold as some of the other northern states, but compared to what we have had recently it was a significant drop.

    6. Lilypon_SK 77 months ago | reply

      That first major drop of the season is the worst. Hope you develop some anti-freeze soon! ;)

    7. Cayusa 77 months ago | reply

      Me too! LOL

      Today wasn't much better, lots of cold cold wind!

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