live [v]: breathe; laugh; hope; smile; cherish; believe; inspire; bask; dance; indulge; color; love; wonder; dream; fly.

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    those are some of my favoritest verbs :)

    so today was kind of a big day. i got my first photo in explore, which was suuper exciting :)
    &i took the leap and upgraded to flickr pro ♥

    so in honor of all that and just this amazing week, i doodled this today at work and since it was all about life and love and colors i wanted to incorporate colors into it so i broke out my christmas lights and this was what i had in mind originally but it didn't reallly work out so i stuck the lights behind the paper and you can see it faintly :) and i like that you can see the texture of the paper :)

    &i've decided i'm going to (maybe, probably, hopefully) do a 365 project, but probably no self-portraits just yet, because i haven't quite figure out how to shoot myself :)

    so this is number one, &for the next 365 days, watch me live ♥

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    1. Urbsters 74 months ago | reply

      Congrat congrats!!!
      Welcome to the pro(good) side. :)

      I wish my handwriting is this awesome. :-/ You must love your job too much to do this at your work place. hehe

    2. horizonlights 74 months ago | reply

      good picture. i really like your hand writing.

    3. Brady Withers 74 months ago | reply

      Such a unique idea, I love the coloring, just a fantastic shot. Congrats on explore as well :)

      I found this photo because you asked me to Explore My Photostream

    4. [ sg ] 74 months ago | reply

      nice writing..
      great shot too!

    5. photobyshirley 74 months ago | reply

      those are such inspirational words

    6. Unai Redondo 74 months ago | reply

      Cool picture, I agree with the previous comment, it's very inspirational. Great idea, nice coloring,

      I found this photo because you asked me to Explore My Photostream

    7. Lalunalogy (away) 74 months ago | reply

      Very cool idea on the x'mas lights :). I don't know whether the blur at the bottom left is intentional but a bit disturbing for me.

      I found this photo because you asked me to Explore My Photostream

    8. somogyibarbara 74 months ago | reply

      So pretty! I love your photos :]

    9. damiengood 74 months ago | reply

      i totally love this!

    10. smccauslin 73 months ago | reply

      Wow! Thought provoking and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    11. Life of a dinosaur 70 months ago | reply

      You have amazing writing and amazing ideas.

    12. katesalt 64 months ago | reply

      'because i haven't quite figure out how to shoot myself '

      In any other context that would sound quite worrying.

      Love this photo :)

    13. jetrated 59 months ago | reply

      Cool! Awesome picture!

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