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Postcards from the moon

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"Dear Patrick, having a good time, wish you were here."
"from Spongebob"

Had to have a goat* it.
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

*go ( hey leave the tired old man alone, you you whipper snappers )

  1. pyreƒyre 75 months ago | reply

    Goat? Where?!

  2. yokomode01 [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

    Space Goat FTW!!

  3. SJ Commander - SPW / J-Tac / TPI 75 months ago | reply

    Now I DARE someone to make an actual space goat!

  4. Karf Oohlu 75 months ago | reply

    Right... thanks...kaption eddited, damn goat ate my last pair of jeans...bad goat..

    ( I wondered why there were black jelly beans in the bowl )

  5. Lich Barrister 75 months ago | reply

    We just can't trust livestock around LEGO or computers, let alone jeans and jellybeans.

  6. Serrater [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

    As a thumbnail, it looks like General Grievous' head.

  7. Karf Oohlu 75 months ago | reply

    Ta guys, thanks for dropping by
    the last two comments - true wot you both said. Didn't anyone realise before that Gen. Grevious was in fact spongebob - all that hacking and coughing was on account of being out of water for too long, sponge drying out and getting dusty...
    Why do you think him and Sandy are always karate chopping each other (keeping in training)- and who do think Sandy is hmmmm.

    PS - please, no one make a real space goat, think of the neighbourhood.

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