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Ode to the Lovells Oil House | by cybersooz
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Ode to the Lovells Oil House

© Susanne Hupfer; All Rights Reserved


To photographers fortunate enough to spend a night on Lovells Island, this little derelict oil house seems to be "Motif #1".


Some bare facts about the old house:

"In 1902 it was decided to construct two navigational range lights to assist mariners using the South Channel. In 1919, Charles Jennings, previously at Boston Light, became keeper at Lovells' range lights. The range light towers were torn down in the late 1930's when Army Fort Standish was expanded. Today all that remains is the oil house."


A more colorful history of the lighthouses and their keepers can be found here and one can see how the oil house was flanked by the lighthouses.


It's a little sad to think this relic has been crumbling away for 80 years on its own. I was inspired to write a few lines as an ode to the Lovells Oil House (I never write poetry, so don't expect great quality!):


Ode to the Lovells Oil House


Raised brick by brick in 1903

Two range lights by its side

With a keeper and a purpose


Lost its comrades in the 30s

No more keeper, marsh encroaching


Forsaken now

Crumbling, tumbling

No roof, no keeper, no purpose. . .


Save to entertain the night photographers

Surrounding like eager paparazzi

Turning ruin into art

Before nature reclaims the last


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Taken on July 31, 2012