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Eglė Zizis feeds the hens, Sale 1954. | by arunas zizys
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Eglė Zizis feeds the hens, Sale 1954.

the rooster (@ would have been taller than Egle if he had been standing up crowing. my sister Egle's earliest memory is of a smiling nun's face peering into her pram when she was probably younger than here so it may be she remembers our chooks too. she can't be much over a year old in the photo. she was born 2 months premature at the start of the 1st term holidays the previous year (@ and remained in hospital until she was strong enough to be allowed home. i remember waiting impatiently for her arrival (@ meantime mum had resumed teaching after a 10 day stay in hospital without having missed a single day's work. immediately Egle came home mum was taking her into the convent in a pram donated by the nun's (@ i'v tried to work out how much time was missed from work by my parents during Egle's childhood. my father didn't miss any days. it had been the plan that mum would spend 1955, our first year in Melb., looking after Egle at home but when mum&dad did their sums it soon became apparent that a single income wasn't going to be enough to pay off the mortgage on our newly purchased house in Northcote, send Rasa and me to private schools, and for living expenses. i had been enrolled at the jesuit St Patrick's College (@ and Rasa at the Santa Maria College of the Samaritan nuns. still early in the school year Rasa was transferred to the Catholic Ladies College (CLC) probably because it had an easier connection to public transport. at about the same time mum was able to get a year's work at CLC as a relieving teacher of german. she was able to arrange with the school principle for Egle, who was still under 2 years old, to attend the school's kindergarten. the short period from the start of the school year to the time mum got the job at CLC was the only time during Egle's growing up that either parent missed a day's work because of her addition to the family. it tells something about our priorities. at the end of the year mum, now that we had Oz citizenship, joined the education department and was posted to Heidelberg High School. to get there she had to go by bus or train. quoting from her 'Significant Dates': "Day care had to be found for Egle. It was provided by two elderly ladies, pensioners and former music teachers, living nearby. [dry old biddies and not very friendly as i remember them] They kept a clean home and an orderly yard. Each morning on the way to the bus Elena left Egle with them and in the afternoon on the way back picked her up. It was agreed at the outset that she was to be taken out on an excursion to a park or the city on a daily basis, that she was to be given her meals on time, given an afternoon nap, and never left alone. Eglė spent 3 years in their care until her turn came to go to school. By then Rasa was attending CLC so Eglė was enrolled there too so they could travel to and from school together". i've never heard Egle have anything to say about these elderly piano teachers. do you remember anything Egle? - if so stick it in the "Add a comment" box

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Taken on October 26, 2010