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Party Going Can Get Messy | by francescoduffy
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Party Going Can Get Messy

Quick question: Have you ever tried to carry in a lot of different items when going to someone else’s get together and found your arms full of things, and then it’s super awkward to try to shake someone’s hand, or put everything down at once, or even just get through the #door in the first place?


I definitely have experienced that, especially when I went in unprepared. I’m often caught trying to carry too many things at once for the sake of efficiency, and yet I end up not being able to do anything once I walk through the door and have my arms loaded with a bunch of different items.


Guess what the best move is from here? If you thought of any sort of cheap moving boxes or cardboard containers, you have the right idea.


I’ve found that having some sort of totes, carriers, or cheap moving boxes work the best for me so that I can load up loose items or smaller things into once. Then, it’s easy to set everything down at once without worrying that something is going to fall.


As a bonus, these containers work extremely well for when you’re heading to someone’s place too. Being in a car can jostle everything around, especially if you do have multiple things or loose items. So putting them in a box that won’t move around is perfect for keeping everything orderly, out of harm’s way, and not in direct danger of making a mess.


While I’m not one that gets invited to a multitude of parties or meet ups, meaning I don’t have this problem all that often, I do like to be as efficient and #organized as possible when meeting up at someone else’s place. That’s why I started foregoing the old “load everything up that you can in your arms” method and took up using a box or two to lay everything in. Ever since, I’ve had zero awkward encounters, nothing dropped and made a mess of, and absolutely no broken dishes or spilled soups. It’s been amazing and yet such a simple fix, so I can’t proclaim it enough to others to use containers or boxes when traveling to a party and bringing a few dishes or drinks.


All it really boils down to is planning ahead and having something that keeps your #belongings, food, or drinks organized and nestled snugly in place so that they can’t shift.


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Uploaded on May 14, 2019