COCHLEAE . Italian stone + glass vases collection
The balance of the snail
Using natural materials and following a circular design that centers on a reuse-and-recycle approach, Coki has created a series of decorative vases inspired by the snail shells. This architectural design is composed of two different materials, both sourced in Italy: a curved glass tube inserted in a circular base of calcarenite (historical rock of Matera), treated with a new mineral substance (100% natural) developed by COKI studio research.
The names of the vases refer to the stages of the life of these invertebrates and is declined in: Awakening, Development and Liberation, associating each of these phases with different forms, born from the interconnection of the stone and glass components.
The stone shape (which remembers the snail shell) gives stability to the glass component (inspired by the body of the mollusk), to which it is merged only by joint (without the use of glue or other solutions).
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