ROCKLUMìNA Italian rock salt table lamps
Rocklumìna is the first energy-efficient lamp (A++) with pure Italian rock salt crystals (99.4% NaCl).
Its name recalls rock salt (from which crystals are extracted) and the so-called “lumi”, the first sources of non-electric lighting.
It spreads a soft light through the double glass wall and absorbs naturally, the relative humidity present in small rooms, improving the health of the air and the psychophysical well-being of its user, who can benefit both from the color emitted by the crystals and from the use of Rocklumìna as a diffuser of essences, placing a few drops of oil essential on the top of the lamp.
The different colors of the crystals and the different sizes in which it is available make Rocklumìna suitable for any room in the house.

Rocklumìna has been awarded the Green Product Award 2020 for the attention of the project to the use of natural materials and interlocking connections, which do not include glues and substances harmful to man and the environment and make the components divisible at the end life.

Italian rock salt crystals, borosilicate glass, electrical components.

100% vegan
100% Italian rock salt crystals 99,4 NaCl
100% colored by natural pigments.
0% glues and harmful emission


LED 4W A ++
coloring of crystals available without waste of electricity and with pigments available in nature
completely disassembled
long-lasting guarantee: the internal bulb-saver prevents any possible deposit of humidity on the source and the assumption of a longer life.
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