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I am off to the vet this morning. Our beloved cat has hurt his front paw and it has swollen. I will be back later to catch up.

EDIT: Nacho had another cat's claw in his paw. I don't know who won that fight. They removed the claw and the swelling should go away in a week. Until then, poor guy needs to stay inside and be on antibiotics.

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  1. SuperDewa 24 months ago | reply

    Pretty, and yikes about your kitty! I have a cat who gets into fights, too.

  2. whitty817 24 months ago | reply

    pink fluffy gorgeousness!
    sorry about kitty's paw! sounds like a wild fight ;)

  3. MacroMarcie 24 months ago | reply

    i say nacho won.....afterall, the other guy is missing a claw! lol

  4. 6ftmama 24 months ago | reply

    sigh.... love this its so calming ..sorry about the kitty.

  5. russ david 24 months ago | reply

    wonderful photo!!

  6. heavenly~flower 24 months ago | reply

    the most incredible pink and yummy bokeh! hope you're kitty heals quickly. x

  7. RiaPereira - here but mostly there 24 months ago | reply

    Nacho is a rebel it seems.
    Beautiful pink blossoms!

  8. :Elizabeth: 24 months ago | reply

    But just look at them - resistance isn't even an option. Gorgeous. And I'm glad to hear that kitty is going to be a okay (lol - "you should see the other guy")

  9. mistyp11 24 months ago | reply

    Holy cow! This is super amazingly beautiful!

  10. María T Pons 24 months ago | reply

    I say he lost, lol :-( Gorgeous pink!!!

  11. pumpkin8 24 months ago | reply

    Aww poor Nacho! Sending hugs to the puss cat!
    Pretty in pink, lovely capture.

  12. Kirstin Mckee 24 months ago | reply

    just gorgeous!
    and your poor cat! let's hope it gets better soon. x

  13. bhawi 24 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous pinkyness, love the bokeh too. Sorry to hear about least he'll be on the mend now!

  14. Tinina67 24 months ago | reply

    cat's never learn, I am glad that my one is retired and cares more about a warm spot to sleep

  15. Bhamgal 24 months ago | reply

    Love, love, love the color!! Hope your kitty feels better soon!!

  16. Shawna Lemay 24 months ago | reply

    this is fabulous!! so deliciously pink! happy healing to kitty.

  17. *pictress 24 months ago | reply

    Love the vibrant colours!

  18. ~lisamac~ 24 months ago | reply

    glad to hear the kitty is okay....and usually i'm not a fan of pink...but i am a fan of this!!

  19. jojo sǝɹnʇdɐɔ 24 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous pink flowers! :)

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