St. Joseph's Seminary

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    Not far from Manchester, in the hills of Lancashire lies this huge seminary.
    The St. Joseph Seminary was build in 1883 and was used as a priest training school for the catholic church.
    This huge building was one of the biggest in its kind in Europe.
    Because of the declining number of men who wants to become a priest
    the senior seminary was moved to the Ushaw college, further north, in 1975.
    Until 1987 it was used as a boarding school for boys.
    After that it is left abandoned.

    For a few years there are plans to reconvert it into appartments, but no start has been made so far.
    The site is secured y CCTV and there is a guard to protect the building from thieves and vandals.

    Exploring this building took almost a whole day.
    And that with a huge hangover, no food and nothing to drink.
    Every floor and almost every room had their own surprises.
    Several statues, a very old library containing books written in latin,
    a taxidermist and ofcourse the beautiful chapel.

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