Today's News is Tomorrows History

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  1. Belle` 72 months ago | reply

    wow this is gorgeous! So true sboutvthe words.... Great job loved it

  2. sippay 72 months ago | reply

    nice shot....

  3. robsen71 72 months ago | reply

    when I did my apprenticeship, I had a teacher who told us: There is nothing in this world which is as old as yesterday's newspaper...

    very nice b&w shot

  4. Joss1998 72 months ago | reply

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    3 - I guess it's a Photo?
    I would query the composition and tonal values the range of which does not appear to range from pure black to absolute white. I wonder how this image would copare with a painting of the subect in B&W.
    I accept the association of the subject matter with a mortuary but what does the image say to a viewer without the knowledge of the association? More attention to composition and vanishing points to lead the round the frame rather than out of the frame. When this happens the visual impact is lessened and interest is lost. I am thinking of a painting of the Marriage Ceremony in which individual object convey significant meaning to the whole picture. To the casual observer this is an image of a pile of Newspapers with the focus of attention on one group of objects. Imagine a shaft of sunlight cutting through the gloom illuminating a skull place at the Golden Mean. Many thanks GJ
    2 - Why do you submit That??
    1 - Not even worth Rating

  5. ✿῏๓ïśś ℓαмџค♡ away' 72 months ago | reply

    vEeEeEeRy ni!i!iCe ShOoOoOoOoOoT

    KeEp It FoOoOoOoOoOoOoG 0_o

    MY NEW PIC ^ ^

    Costa Coffe <3 it {   Explore  }

  6. ✿῏๓ïśś ℓαмџค♡ away' 72 months ago | reply

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  7. vip4u_qtr 72 months ago | reply

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  8. [ A ~ Bye all :) \ birthday girl [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    Wonderful ^_^

  9. TARIQ HAMEED SULEMANI 72 months ago | reply

    nice shot

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  10. ll QTR LAVENDER ll [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    Wonderful b&w .. Luv it !! =)

  11. Dr Aco 71 months ago | reply

    SEEN IN:

    Flickr B&W

    Post 1 & Award 5

  12. Asma Al Thani [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    Great photo and concept...i love the the feel of this photo...
    abda3t u5ooy :)

  13. ~QATAR~ 70 months ago | reply

    loved the picture plus the tittle

  14. julie.utelier 3 months ago | reply

    Used at with attribution, as above. Thank you so much for your beautiful imagery and for sharing so kindly. With best wishes and kindest regards.

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