Water Drop Setup
See my water drop photos made using this setup at:

This set of images illustrates my setup for high speed water drop photography. I use the HiViz Multi-Trigger for drop detection and timing to trigger the camera and flash units. I subsequently added a solenoid valve to deliver drops with greater precision for collision shots by using a Basic Stamp II (BS2) microcontroller I had laying around, and adding a custom program, interface and input circuits.

The HiViz and BS2 circuit boards are enclosed in a single 4x6x2" box with control switches and I/O connection ports. After input switches are set for the desired number of drops, delay time, and drop size values, the start button is pushed and the rest is automatic.

Here are some sites I found most helpful for setting up my system..
For detector/timer/trigger circuitry:
For valve setup, timing, nozzles:
For microcontroller, downloads and help forum:
Firecracker interface article with BS2 code:
Here is my program code:
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