• Copyright photograph by John Nuttall

Tesla v Touareg

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  1. skagman 66 months ago | reply

    1 week old Tesla (900,000 Danish Krone).Touareg unmarked!

  2. unavailable photographer [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

    Touran 1/0 Tesla :-)

  3. John Kratz 66 months ago | reply

    Wow. Do you know what happened?

  4. lurpak 66 months ago | reply

    wow, where was this?

  5. Doug_Dirac_Delta 66 months ago | reply

    This is a 2010 Euro spec Roadster... what's left of it anyhow. Any more info?

  6. skagman 65 months ago | reply

    3 car pile-up at some roadworks near our vacation home in Denmark.

  7. eldering 65 months ago | reply

    Did anybody already notice that is is NOT a Touran? It's a Touareg!

  8. Doug_Dirac_Delta 65 months ago | reply

    Yes, also the silver car is clearly a Prius.

  9. DanFrederiksen1 65 months ago | reply

    wow, that's quite symbolic of the conflict of the day. the stupid overweight brute touareg resorting to violence against the conscientious two envirocars. what are the odds.

    where exactly was this in Denmark, skagman? exactly

  10. DanFrederiksen1 65 months ago | reply

    my guess of what happened.
    the Tesla was stationary behind a semi at a temporary road work stop sign, the Touareg not paying attention rear ended the Tesla up against the semi and was flipped up over the Tesla almost on top of it. moments later the Prius (following the brute Touareg thinking things were moving along) contacts the Tesla again hard, pushing both Tesla and Touareg resulting in the Touareg turning out to the right.

  11. DanFrederiksen1 65 months ago | reply

    well, it has been suggested that the Touarag was in front and the Tesla wedged itself under somehow with the help of the prius. that does fit fairly well with the red body piece stuck in the rear of the Touareg and the scratches under it but I wouldn't have thought that you could lift a Toureg that much and survive to tell about it. Maybe the Tourag was braking hard at the time and put its weight forward to help the lift.. it would be preferable if the Touareg is to blame :)
    would fit better with his/her already certain total disregard for environmental concerns.

  12. andersberner 65 months ago | reply

    Hi Skagman - where, when? Do you know the owner?
    Anders Berner - ekstra bladet

  13. jurvetson 65 months ago | reply

    So surreal. I see this as I am literally heading out the door.... in my Tesla... to watch a autonomous VW Touareg driving demo.

    Anyone get a peek inside the rear of that VW?

    pimp my ride

    Drivers Wanted =)

  14. Doug_Dirac_Delta 65 months ago | reply


    Is it the Stanford Touareg, Stanley?

  15. jurvetson 65 months ago | reply

    yes.... and reading the invite more closely, VW will be unveiling some new autonomous vehicle today at Stanford... so who knows... Will bring cameras.

    P.S. This Tesla driver was OK. From Rachel Konrad, Tesla spokesperson:

    "The driver stopped at a red light behind a truck and was hit from behind... The Roadster driver walked away with minor bruises."

  16. Doug_Dirac_Delta 65 months ago | reply

    From the Roadster driver, Steen Joergensen:


    #By steen Joergensen #3, Posted: 10/24/2009

    I am the driver of the Tesla in the three-way crash. I`am all right and as Jason writes above, both front and back crumple zones did their job wel. But Tesla could do better with the neck support on top of the seat, it was very hard on my head. But the accident has convinced me that the Tesla is a very safe sports car. There were no damage in the passanger compartment at all. The Tesla was brand new and had only been running for 400 miles and it was very sad for the owner, I had lent it from. Over all, 6 people went to the hospital, and after 3 hours we were all on our way home. 12 hours after the accident, my famely and I could enter the plane for a week holiday in New York.
    I find it very interesting to read about the accident on different international web sites.
    Please feel free to make some comments if you have any questions.
    Steen (Denmark)

    He continues (edited, emphasis mine):

    I hit my head at the neck support, but I have not been suffering from whiplash yet. The doctors tell me there could be ocuring probems later, but not yet :O)
    The Tesla was only 14 days old and i had ben driving it for 400 miles. A new roaster has been orderd and paid by the insurance company and will arrive in Denmark in about 6 months.
    The driver of the Toyota Pirus Hybrid did not notice that the traffic was stopped in front of him (roadworks on the road). First he hit a motorbike, then me in the Tesla and I was pushed forward under the Touareg. ...
    Thanks for all for intrest in the accedent and my health.

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