Māori Moving Image: An Open Archive-Photos by Tim Gruar
Māori Moving Image: An Open Archive explores the history of Māori artists who have used animation, film and video as a medium from the 1970s to today. Spanning forty years, from Robert Jahnke’s 1980 animation Te Utu: The Battle of the Gods to Janet Lilo’s 2019 ⌘ SHIFT #, the exhibition features many artists and significant works at different times over the show. This rotation of works acknowledges the exhibition as a living archive and an opportunity to collect stories, learn new relationships and find connections between artists.
Over the duration of Māori Moving Image: An Open Archive, we are hosting a series of talks, screenings and workshops with visiting artists and invited guests to capture a wide range of perspectives. These discussions will ask what influences were important for these artists? How does their work relate to music videos, cinema, or social media? What is distinctive and shared by these works and the artists who created them? This exhibition is an opportunity to ask these questions, and see what responses may unfold.
Co-curated by Bridget Reweti and Melanie Oliver
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