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Ultimate Michael Myers - Halloween 2 | by scarrviper
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Ultimate Michael Myers - Halloween 2

He came home at last. After some delays, I finally have Neca's new Michael Myers from Halloween II. And I love it.


This is a very solid figure. There are a few things to watch out for of course. My copy did suffer from the dreaded one leg longer than the other syndrome, but after heating the leg with a hair dryer and popping it off the hip joint and then popping it back on, his legs are now even and he stands up straight.

The biggest thing to worry about is paint, especially the eyes on the 3 heads. A lot of these are either cross eyed or have a lazy eye. When looking for one in the wild, be sure to check all the eyes.


There does seem to be some sort of a variant or running change with this figure. Most of the samples that were purchased early by youtubers last month directly from Neca have masks that look cleaner and have less weathering. All of the ones I've seen in person have darker, dirtier masks, with what appears to be printed on weathering marks and shading.


The head sculpts are all great. I do agree that there is something slightly off about the two Myers masks, but in hand you can really see the Shatner likeness in them. The paint is surprisingly intricate with many layers. The blood tears are especially well done and look very realistic. The hair has a nice two tone effect to simulate the fading of the hair color. The Ben Tramer head is a nice bonus, and I like that it is a unique sculpt. The hair looks screen accurate, and the sculpt of the face looks closer to an H1 mask. With some modifications it could be converted. The paintjob is a bit weird though. Of the 3 heads, the Tramer seems to vary the most and some are very sloppy.


The body is reused from the 2018 Myers, with new lower legs, boots, and a new torso overlay. The 6 bullet holes in the front are present with exit wounds on the back. The body has the correct shape and stature to represent Dick Warlock in the costume. The color of the coveralls is just right. The blue plastic they used combined with the weathering applied overtop really does give them that "spruce green" vibe. Depending on the lighting they can look blue, green, or gray in hand.


He includes some of the same hands as the 2018 Myers, along with a new right hand for holding his scalpel. The hands swap much easier on this figure, and they are more flexible. The weathering is also just right.


The weapons are excellent, and for the most part cleanly painted. The scalpel and syringe in particular are my favorites. The knife is great, and the hammer is well sculpted but inaccurately painted. The opening jack o'lantern is really cool although the outside could have been painted better imo.


Overall I'm very impressed, he was well worth the wait.

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Uploaded on October 16, 2019