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Ultimate Roy Burns | by scarrviper
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Ultimate Roy Burns

I picked him up at a local shop yesterday, still no sign of him at Target yet.


I would have posted my initial thoughts on this figure last night, but for some reason flickr glitched out and wouldn't let me view or edit anything.


So what do I think of Roy? He is fantastic. I can see why so many reviews have said he's the best "Jason" that Neca has produced in this line. Obviously someone at Neca loves part 5, as they went all out to produce the most accurate figure they could. It's funny how for years we were told this would never happen because of tooling cost, but thanks to Halloween 2018, Neca was able to produce a new body for Michael Myers that could then be re-used to give us Roy.


This figure uses the neck/underlying torso, arms, hands, and legs from that figure with a new torso overlay that is based off the Myers sculpt but has been heavily altered. His boots are modified Jason Part 3/4 boots.


The new headsculpt is one of Neca's best human likenesses imo, it is spot on to the actor. This sculpt is far superior to the one from the retro style mego figure they did years ago.


The paintjob is very elaborate. They absolutely nailed the color of the coveralls. These are spruce green for sure. In hand they are green, but depending on the lighting, angle, and distance they can appear blue, even a very dark blue. It's pretty cool they managed to get that right. I would have preferred they left off the stomach wound, but I understand what they were going for and it does look great regardless. The boots are a nice weathered brown and as usual the eyelets are cleanly painted in silver. I do wish his hands were flesh tone plastic rather than painted over, but that's minor issue. They do have some subtle dry brush weathering on them, I may add a wash to give them some depth.


His face paintjob is very detailed with lots of shading, I think they used that printing technology that seems to be getting more popular these days. The eyes are nice and cleanly done.


The accessories are excellent for the most part. This might be the most weapons we've ever received with one of these figures. The only weapon from the film that is missing is the axe, but you can borrow the one from the dream sequence Jason since it might be the same prop. I would have preferred the axe over the railroad spike, but it's ok. The mask is really well done, it looks to be a brand new sculpt. The color and weathering is correct and the iconic blue chevrons are just right. The straps even have the tiny stitch lines painted on. The machete is excellent, with the most realistic blood paint I've ever seen from Neca. Same goes for the cleaver, the blood is perfect. He also has the hunting knife (which has the worst of the blood apps but I'll cover that later), the hedge clippers which do open and close, the spear, the road flare, and the tree branch with strap and actual metal rings. It really surprised me that they were able to pull that one off. He also has an extra left gripping hand.


Now, as much as I love this figure, I do have some complaints/issues, mostly minor and may only be with my sample.


First, I wish he wasn't packaged with the mask on. With the mask on you have no way of knowing how good or bad the paint on his face is when choosing one at the store. You can only see if his eyes are good. When I first unboxed him, I about had a heart attack because his mask was stuck to his face and wouldn't come off. It felt glued on. I was able to gently tug on it until it popped free and thought for sure the paint underneath would be ruined. Thankfully it wasn't. There was a small blue dot on his chin which came off with some rubbing alcohol on the end of a wooden toothpick. The end of his nose is a little discolored, but I may try to fix that with some carefully mixed paint. I think the issue is that the mask is just too tight on his head. It just barely fits over his head, and only fits one way. The rest of his face was fine, except for his teeth, which were printed onto his upper lip for some reason. I will be repainting his mouth to correct this. There were also some blue scuff marks on his neck which thankfully came off with rubbing alcohol.


Do compare masks if you can, the weathering varies, and some have more prominent mold lines. They all have them, but they are not as distracting as the ones on the remake mask.


My figure does suffer from one leg longer than the other syndrome, but it is not as bad as ones I've seen on youtube. He can at least be adjusted and stand up straight without issues. Also be sure to have a hairdryer handy, his elbows and knees were very stiff right out of the box, but once you get them to move they are fine. Be sure to heat up his hands too so you can get his weapons into them safely.


His weapons are excellent overall, but I do have a few issues. All of my bladed weapons seem to have been shorted on their metallic paint. The hunting knife is the worst offender, the blade is practically transparent when in sunlight. Combine that with the odd almost pink blood on the end made it a candidate for a full repaint. This issue was not noticeable in the packaging. My machete and cleaver thankfully are not nearly as bad. However, one half of my hedge clippers was very light on metallic paint, so I am touching that up. I'm curious if this is just my sample or if more are like this. Speaking of transparency, while I love the inclusion of the road flare, I do wish the effect had been made translucent rather than just painted solid. One last problem is that the tape from the packaging left a really sticky residue on one side of the spear. It's been a bitch to remove. I've tried goo gone, rubbing alcohol, and soap & water several times. Its mostly gone now, but it very annoying to deal with.


Overall, I love this figure, and I think fans will be pleased. Neca went above and beyond with this one and I think they delivered. Part 5 is certainly bizarre, and not everyone's favorite in the series, but it's awesome to finally have a definitive figure of this character. The retro mego style version of Roy was oddly enough my first ever Friday the 13th figure, so this was almost nostalgic in a way when I picked this figure up.

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Uploaded on September 8, 2019