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3 Great Gift Wrapping Ideas | by lindsayperez533
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3 Great Gift Wrapping Ideas

When it comes to #wrapping the #gift, there are a lot of things you can do to make your gift look prominent even in a bunch. Typically, you will need to look at making best combination using ribbons, bows and other #decorative items which are usually considered while gift wrapping.


Having that said, there are a few gift wrapping ideas which are worth sharing in this article.


Inspired by nature

These wrapping mainly use brown paper and tags. To make bigger impact, seasonal rubber stamps may be used. Hand writing on tags makes the tags look great.


Items that you are going to need for this wrapping include brown paper, ribbon, twine, wooden stars, gold bells, wooden stamp, ink pad, and tacky glue.


The process of making is quite simple.


•First, you need to stamp down the #design on brown paper. Here, you will have to make sure that stamps are cleaned well before use.

•Wrap your present using the paper after the paper dries.

•Use ribbon and twine for further wrapping. You can add bells and other items for further decoration. A double knot at the back of the present will secure the ribbon and twine properly.

•If you are using wooden star embellishment, you need to apply glue to the back of the star and place it on the ribbon. Let it dry.



There are many projects in which you can use poms poms because they look great. They specifically build the character of the gift when they are used against brown paper gift wrappings. Additionally, you can also add gold bells to make the gift look even better.


Items that you are going to need for the preparation of this wrapping include brown paper, small pom poms, glue dots, Clover pom pom makers, Ribbon, gold bells.


The procedure of gift wrapping may be like what’s mentioned below.


•First, wrap your gifts using brown paper.

•You will have some ready poms but you are going to need more. You can make some using wool/yarn. Make sure you are leaving long threads hanging down from the poms. These threads are going to be wrapped around the gift.

•Readymade poms need to be applied with the help of glue. If you want to use ribbon, you will need to use it first and then apply poms upon it.


Color pops

Gifts that show brightness and color are liked by everyone including children and grownups. This wrapping may also include colorful buttons attached with the help of glue. Good thing about these buttons is that the recipient of your gift can use those buttons for their needs.


Items needed for this project may include brown paper, Colorful buttons, Selection of colored tissue papers, Clover pom pom makers, Glue stick, and Selection of wool/yarn.


•First, you need to wrap your gift using brown paper.

•Draw different circles on the paper. These circles are either going to be colored or you can paste the colorful tissue papers in these circles.

•Use glue to attach round tissue papers in the circles and let the adhesive to dry.

•Attach buttons on the wrap using glue dots.

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Uploaded on July 12, 2018