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Bad Dental Habits That You Need To Avoid | by hershelloftis
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Bad Dental Habits That You Need To Avoid

You may know how important to take care of your #dental_health. If you are fully aware, you may have the habit of brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. But what most of the people are usually careless about are the bad dental habits which keep destroying the #teeth and gums. And the bad news is that people having those habits are generally oblivious to causes of damage their teeth receive and they continue blaming other factors which are actually not the real reasons. Having that said, a few dental habits which can destroy your dental health are worth mentioning here.


Chewing on ice

Unless you want to crack or break your teeth, you have to avoid chewing on ice. Ice is hard but this only one side effect of this habit. The cold temperature of ice gets transferred to the internal layers of the teeth and cause damage to the nerves and vessels. Moreover, it severely damages the mineral structure of the tooth enamel. So, even if you are not getting your teeth cracked or broken after chewing on ice, you are surely doing huge disfavor to your teeth and oral cavity.


Using teeth as tool

You will find many people having this habit. A little delay in the provision of a bottle opener and they will not delay getting this job done through their teeth. This practice is extremely harmful for the integrity and safety of your teeth. Although there is always the risk of receiving damage through this habit instantly, making this practice a habit can weaken the tooth enamel if the damage is not occurring immediately. A little misconfiguration while opening the bottle this way can lead to serious damage to the gums as well. So, it is a bad dental habit which needs to be stopped immediately.


Grinding your teeth

The habit of #grinding teeth can be pretty disastrous because it can lead to micro-fractures. And if you have had a dental work before, teeth grinding can damage that dental work. The best way you can avoid the damage from teeth grinding is to wear a mouth guard. While you may be able to avoid grinding your teeth in the day time, it may be pretty difficult to avoid during sleep. For this purpose, there are several types of night guards available.


Abrasive brushing

You may find it surprising but it is true that the way you brush can also pose a risk for your dental health. Typically, abrasive brushing is the main culprit in this regard. Moreover, you have to make sure that you are not using toothbrush with hard bristles because they can damage the tooth enamel.


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Uploaded on October 23, 2018