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3 Holiday Candies That Can Be Dangerous | by rodrickhulsey
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3 Holiday Candies That Can Be Dangerous

Holiday is upon us! And since it’s a time of year with bright colors and sweet #treats, you’re well aware of what that means: all of the kids will be eating as much candy as they can get their hands on. All candy definitely has higher amounts of sugar (which should mean you’re letting your kids have a limited amount as is), but there are some candies that can be even worse for your kids simply because they can break #teeth or cut gums.


Hard candies & jawbreakers

These types of candy can actually break certain orthodontic gear and cause a sore jaw. The other problem with certain hard candies is that they can dissolve into sticky pieces of sugar that can stick to teeth, braces, or other parts of the mouth. Once this happens, the candy may harden again, making for a very bad combination of sugars and direct access to enamel. The other thing that makes hardy candy scary? How sharp they can become after being sucked on for a while. This can cut gums, tongues, cheeks, and even the backs of throats. Make sure you’re watching your child extra carefully if they’re eating hard candies, simply because they could choke, stab themselves, or get ridiculously hard candy stuck to their teeth or braces.


Taffy, caramel, and other sticky candy

These are some of the tastiest candies out there, but they’re absolutely terrible for #fillings and some metal hardware used for braces and other orthodontics. Kids with braces should absolutely steer clear of these kinds of candy unless they want sticky masses wedged between their teeth and braces. This is an absolutely breeding ground for cavities unless the candy is removed immediately.


Lollipops, suckers, or rock candy

When candy is on a stick, bad things can happen. Whether your child is running around the house or running around the yard trying to collect Holiday eggs, do not let them have any type of candy on a stick during this time. It’s the perfect scenario for mouth injuries to occur if they happen to fall or run into something. It helps if the stick is made of paper and isn’t sharp, hard, or unmalleable.


Ultimately, Holiday is a time for family and friends to get together and be happy. Obviously candy can increase the happiness of your children, so don’t be so oppressive that they don’t enjoy a few pieces. Just make sure to look out for their health and safety, though, because the last thing you want on Holiday Sunday is taking your kid to the hospital or dentist.

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Uploaded on April 23, 2019