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Okay, initially I was going to post just these as they pretty much sum up my life for the moment. Stuck at the desk for butt-numbingly long (I need to get a better chair than the piece of junk my undercarriage currently graces), and feeling taxed and greased up by the end of it.

I actually shot this on another frustrating and long day, except it was more photography induced frustration (lots of that these days)! Here I had an amazing piece of glass (Takumar 50mm f/1.4) and yet I was unable to any of the shots, even half as close to how I wanted them to be. I tried and tried but I just couldn't do it (on another note, I NEED to get myself a Katzeye focusing screen asap). And my obvious failings were really getting me down.

Anyhow so I gave up, came back up, back to my melodramatic existence, looking off at nothingness for melodramatic emphasis when this fell into my frame, POV/angles/everything just done.

And I guess all my photographs are like that / accidental / luck / etc. Damn good chance and damn good lenses (very good at covering up damn low photo-skills). All I had to do was click & I did.

Despite the pitch dark room (to add to my melodrama) and the greased up glasses (my dirty laziness), I quite like how it turned out. It was as if a higher entity was telling me to stop being a sap and open up my eyes instead of quitting (again). And actually, wearing my glasses when shooting do sound like a good idea 8-)


OMG this day keeps getting better and better. Just lost the 40 tags I gave on this. FFFFFFFF.

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Taken on July 21, 2013