2019 Open Road at Ross
Three teams of four MBAs each embarked on road trips across America in May 2019. They are part of Open Road at Ross – Powered by Ford, an action-based social entrepreneurship program developed by Ross students for Ross students. Each team will spend the month of May visiting a new social enterprise every week–meeting business owners on the weekend, analyzing their business during the week, and presenting findings and solutions by Friday.

Here are the teams pictured:
Team LOVA (Katerina Athanasiou, Minsoo Lyo, Catherine O’Donnell, and Hana Viswanathan)

Team MPower (Brooke Burton, Chloe Hull, Gautam Kandlikar, and Fernando Palhares)

Team RAIK (Ritesh Kumar, Allie Morbitzer, Kathy Tian, and Ivy Wei)
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