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Wild Larkspur with Pops of Bokeh Yellow | by maorlando - God keeps me as I lean on Him!!
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Wild Larkspur with Pops of Bokeh Yellow

Larkspur grows as a wildflower of Texas - Scientific Name: (Delphinium ahacis)

These were seen along the highway between Trinity and Groveton.. closer to Groveton.

One of my fave flowers and it was a fave of my mom and grandmother also!!!

Larkspur is a favorite flower among gardeners. One of its petal like sepals is elongated into a spur, which resembles the spur of a lark’s back toe; hence the name larkspur. Because the unopened bud looks somewhat like a dolphin and because the Latin word for dolphin is delphinus, the flower is also called delphinium. The annual species larkspur and the perennial species delphinium.There are more than 150 species of larkspur growing wild in all parts of the world where the climate is mild. In addition there are over 1,000 cultivated varieties. The flowers of the most favored varieties are rather closely packed on tall spikes, often attaining a height of five or six feet. Each flower is made up of a single or double row of brightly colored sepals. Blue is the most common color, but purple, pink; white, scarlet, and yellow also occur. At the center of each flower are tiny fringelike petals, often covering the pistils and stamens. Inside the spur are two sacs filled with nectar which attracts bees and hummingbirds. The tall graceful spikes blossom almost all summer.


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Taken on May 17, 2011