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Bluebonnets of Texas Spring | by maorlando - God keeps me as I lean on Him!!
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Bluebonnets of Texas Spring

You know it is Springtime in Texas when our

beautiful Bluebonnets start blooming... the

Bluebonnet is our State Flower and the

pride of Texas Wildflowers!!!

My fave song that talks about our beautiful

Texas and it's lovely Bluebonnets by the man who

wrote the song when running for governor of Texas:

and by Willie Nelson:



W. Lee O'Daniel

1. You've all read the beautiful stories

Of the countries far over the sea,

From whence came our ancestors

To establish this land of the free.

There are some folks who still like to travel,

To see what they have over there,

But when they go look,

It's not like the book,

And they find there is none to compare—

CHORUS: To beautiful, beautiful Texas,

Where the beautiful bluebonnets grow.

We're proud of our forefathers

Who fought at the Alamo.

You can live on the plains or the mountains,

Or down where the sea breezes blow,

And you're still in beautiful Texas,

The most beautiful place that I know.

2. You can travel on beautiful highways,

By the city, the village and farm,

Or sail above on the skyways,

And the beauty below you will charm:

White cotton, green forests, blue rivers,

Golden wheat fields, and fruit trees that bear.

You can look till doomsday,

And then you will say,

That Texas has beauty to spare.

CHORUS: Oh, beautiful....

3. In this song about beautiful Texas,

There is one thing we have to say.

About 6 million are proud

That they are here to stay.

It's great to be healthy and happy,

And that seems to be our good fate.

So let us all smile,

For life is worthwhile,

When we live in this beautiful state—

CHORUS: Of beautiful....

[This song has been recorded by Lee O'Daniel and the Lightcrust Doughboys (1933), Jimmie Davis (1933), Gene Autry (1934), The Westerners with Louis Massey (1934),

Milton Brown and His Brownies (1935), Hartman's

Tennessee Ramblers (1935), Lee O'Daniel and The

Hillbilly Boys (1938), Willie Nelson, and Hank Thompson.]



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Taken on March 13, 2016