Look For Problems While Buying Property

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    A big house with nice furnish at a perfect #location is something everyone wants. But it costs the double of the all the facilities it provides. To come up with better deals the best approach is to find a house with some problems that can be solved in a limited budget and with less effort. But before buying such a facility a complete estimate of the cost on the repair and renovation work should be prepared and the deal should be made according to that. Here are 8 problems that should be searched for when buying a house.

    A smelly house
    A smelly house is the easiest problem to solve. The smell can be because of some rotten #food, animal urine, mildew or something dead in the kitchen. These problems can be solved by getting rid of the carpet, cleaning the walls and the floor of the kitchen and painting the walls and the ceiling etc. it should be double checked that the smell is not from a busted sewerage pipe. That can cost the double to that of trying to be saved.

    A hidden bedroom
    Finding a house that contains a room named as something else large enough to be converted into a bedroom has many significances. The buyer will buy it at a cost of say a 2-bedroom house and then convert it into a 3-bedroom house with slight amendments. When the buyer intends to sell or rent the same house, get it registered as a 3-bedroom house and get considerable profit. It is not easy to find such a house, but if found it can benefit a lot.

    Unpleasant breakfronts and countertops
    “Kitchen and baths sell the house” is the phrase in buyer’s mind. But one should remember that transforming an unpleasant kitchen into a modern kitchen is not a great deal now. It requires a meagre amount. In less than $1,000 a modern kitchen is ready.

    Damaged roof
    Damaged #roof seems like a problem that should be considered very seriously. It should also be kept in mind that a bad roof can be replaced by a new one in just $6,000. In this case the buyer should review the market and seek the difference in prices for the same material and then choose the best to work with.

    Mold is something the buyers see and refuse to make a deal right away. Mold is just a fungus growing anywhere where there is moisture. Removing the #moisture will eliminate the visible mold as well. If the mold is present in the basement, this is something to worry about. It can be because of water seepage that is complicated and expensive to remove.

    Compartmentalized formation
    People nowadays go for more modern open type houses in which there are no clear boundaries between the living room, kitchen and the dining room. Buying a house with proper compartmentalization is also beneficial if the buyer is going to rent the house. Such a house can be changed into a modern one in a trivial cost.

    Jungle landscape
    The jungle landscape of a potential property can be easily transformed into a yard with proper gardening and care. In less than $1,000 the landscape can be easily altered.

    Hoarded junk
    Houses with accumulated junk are also difficult to sell, but there is opportunity in that as well. If a potential property is full of junk, hire someone to remove the junk completely and spend a little amount in the renovation of the part of the house damaged by the junk. Now rent the house as a prized property.

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