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How Dentists Help In Keeping Children’s Teeth Safe from Damage | by franklynelliot
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How Dentists Help In Keeping Children’s Teeth Safe from Damage

Dentists usually suggest the use of mouth guards to children who engage in sports in order to keep their teeth safe from damage. Dentists know that there is no better alternative to natural teeth, and that children who get permanent teeth are usually careless while playing sports which require running or dealing with the hard objects. Safety of teeth is quite important for oral health, overall health and, ultimately, better future.


Importance of extra protection

It is easy for senior people to accept the fact that they are going to need tooth replacement in order to be able to chew the foods they like to eat. However, children should not reach to the point where they have to consider the option for tooth replacement. There is long life ahead of them and they should be taught about protecting their smile.


However, the children who get injuries to their teeth due to the sports they play have to consider the tooth replacement option at very young age. This is the reason that dentists suggest young people to wear mouth guards before going out in the playground because any hard impact can result in the injury to dental structure and even tooth loss.


What are the benefits of mouth guard?

There are many benefits of a mouth guard. We all know that all it takes for a tooth to break or crack is a ball that hits the face. Therefore, a mouth guard can help in better prevention of such tragic event. A few benefits of mouth guard are worth mentioning here in this context.


1.Sports like soccer can make a person requiring being hyperactive not only from the physical perspective but also from the mental point of view. It can often lead a person to start clenching the teeth. So, the risk to teeth doesn’t only come from the impact but also from the chewing action which the athlete takes out of high emotions. It can crack or chip the teeth. Therefore, wearing a mouth guard can surely help.

2.Many people think that hockey and other sports that require dealing with the hard objects are more dangerous. But the matter of fact is that basketball can be even more dangerous. This is the sport in which anyone’s elbow can do severe amount of damage. The players in this sport are usually at the high risk of getting their teeth knocked out. When you wear a mouth guard, you essentially protect your teeth from the shock and impact which can cause your teeth to fall out.

3.Another reason you should wear a mouth guard is that you can prevent your gums and inner cheeks from getting injured. Teeth can make a mess of the inner cheeks. And impact of hard objects can injure the gums. Both these scenarios can be prevented with the use of mouth guard.


While you can purchase a mouth guard from the drugstore, it would be better if you get it prepared by your dentist. The custom made mouth guard is going to protect your smile by providing you the comfort you need.

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Uploaded on September 20, 2018