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Causes and Symptoms of Cavities | by teodororayburn
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Causes and Symptoms of Cavities

You may find it interesting but it is the fact that cavities are among the most common conditions that tend to happen in people. The only thing which is more common than #cavities is the common cold. Now, you may wonder how a cavity feels like if you have never experienced tooth decay. Well, the answer to this question depends upon the level of decay and the consumption of foods you eat. There are some foods which can trigger #pain of the cavity.

Formation of cavities

In general, our oral cavities are full of #bacteria. Many kinds of bacteria are not harmful for oral health. However, there are plenty which can turn out to be very harmful for oral health. It usually starts with the consumption of foods which contain sugars. When you eat something sweet or you drink your favorite beverage, you give oral bacteria in your mouth their source of sustenance. As a result of this consumption, they release acids which are strong enough to cause wear in the #tooth #enamel. You will find have sensation about the cavity once this enamel erosion reaches the inner layers which are known as dentin and pulp. This advanced decay can be quite painful because of the exposed nerves. Typically, this pain can be felt when you bite down on anything.

Depending upon the size of cavity, you may be able to notice the existence. In most of the cases, cavities appear in the form holes. Sometimes, discoloration may also represent the existence of cavities.

Cavities and sugar consumption

You may wonder why you feel pain in cavities when you eat something sweet. When enamel is eroded, consumption of sweets can cause severe kind of pain in the decayed area. Sweets are usually sticky. So you can expect to cling on your teeth. The bacteria consume this sugar and excrete acid into the exposed nerves. It can turn out to be very painful. Even if you don’t have cavities but you have sensitive teeth, the sugar can cause pain in your sensitive teeth.

Seeing the dentist

While you can do anything at home to prevent cavities, curing them is not the same case. You will have to visit the dentist in order to get your cavities treated. At dentist’s office, the dentist will run x-rays test to determine the level of cavity you have. Based on this information, the dentist will suggest the treatment plan. Typically, dentists fill the cavities to treat them. However, some cavities may be quite severe. In this scenario, the dentist may consider surgical options.


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Uploaded on August 29, 2018