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iridescent little beauty... | by just call me Mr Lucky
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iridescent little beauty...

Silly me - if I were painting all the little fish in the sea, I would paint them all this color..


Big news!


Turns out that alcohol consumption raises the chances of a person engaging in unsafe sex! Who knew? Ummm… Everyone??


So – who paid for this groundbreaking scientific study that figured out there is a link between drinking and the likely-hood of someone having unsafe sex? I’m guessing it was *us* - through the Federal government. Who else would waste ANY money gathering such gems of scientific knowledge?


I am definitely in the wrong business, stressing over deadlines and dimensions and all that engineering stuff. I should be interviewing slightly tipsy dates to see what my chances are, and then plying them with liquor, to see if my odds improve.


Point in fact – that particular experiment has been going on since the Bronze Age, at every bar, office party, and political convention in the world. And a companion experiment has also been going on just as long. ‘Researchers’ have also been studying whether the application of large amounts of alcohol increases the chances of going to bed with people they later wish they hadn’t. Judging from the multitude of homely people in the world, I’d say the evidence is definitive on that experiment too..


And if they need yet another research project for which they can receive grant money, maybe they could try to determine if it’s really true what Mickey Gilley said - that "the girls all get prettier at closing time!"


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Taken on July 30, 2011