Research-A Silent Room
Movement & Sound Improvisation Vol.9
Research "A Silent Room"
In silence in a dark room, our mind recalls the colors and the sound.

Taking the question “How our perception for light and darkness could transmit into movement and sound” as a key to creation, I invite the illustrator Ceren Oykut, multimedia-artist Safy Etiel, guitarist/sound designer Joshua Tennent, and improviser/choreographer Carlos Osatinsky & Fernando N. Pelliccioli for this research, as the 9th collaboration of the performance series Movement & Sound Improvisation (MSI).

Performance :
Ceren Oykut (Projection)
Carlos Osatinsky (Dance)
Fernando N. Pelliccioli (Dance)
Joshua Tennent (Sound)
Safy Etiel aka. VJ Sniper (Projection and technical mentoring)

Concept and Performance:
Yuko Matsuyama

This event is supported by the Heinrich-Böll Foundation, as a part of Matsuyama’s research project “A Silent Room”, inspired by the presence of the emptied room at Rosenthalerstr. 39, the Museum Otto Weidt's Workshop for the Blind at Haus Schwarzenberg.
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