Stardust held up well on the playa. Very little damage and with the help of my stellar crew, we were able to disassemble and pack up Stardust AND do a very intensive MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) cleanup.

Bringing it home was a breeze. Getting the rental truck cleaned and returned was a bit of a nightmare. If Stardust goes back in 2019 I'll need to find a much better way to do that.

I had the privilege to give a short talk about Stardust at Ottawa's Maker Faire! We were there as part of Jon and Kyrsten's Serpent Twins' Empire of Dirt Team and they needed more speakers.

I took out the lighting and diffusion on the bench pieces, cleaned them and applied a couple coats of marine varnish. Once that was dry, everything went under plastic and got a wrapped up for the winter...or so I thought!

Turns out Stardust is heading to the Portland Winter Light Festival! Portland is my hometown and I applied to be a participant not really thinking they'd be into bringing me up. But we're going!

So preparing to ship Stardust was an interesting endeavor. Everything had to be weighed and measured and it will all have to be on pallets. We drove around the area collecting pallets because I'm going to need one for every pie slice in addition to the base and Galactic Tube parts. Looks like we're going to have to build our own box for the Cosmic Rays and strap them to the top of the car when we head to Oregon.

Light testing happened the weekend before we shipped. Looks like the lights held up during disassembly. Yay!!!
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