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The Sneaker business- Spin Doctor

Age? Old enough to know better.


Occupation? DJ / Promoter / Connoisseur


How many pairs do you own? Not certain but in the region of 200 I guess. Never been inclined to count them as although I do collect kicks I have never considered myself a collector as such. I would never buy a pair if I did not intend to wear them.


What are your favorites and why? AF1's of pretty much any style. They are a design classic that you can rock with anything. If I had to pick one pair I would say the Thompson's.


What's more important sex or trainers? We all wear fresh kicks to look hot and appeal to ladies to get laid so it has to be sex! When my girl moans about me spending money on sneaks I tell her it is "love insurance". If I did not look hot her eye would start wandering. She therefore thinks that she is so important that she is why I spend all this money.




Photography: ©Errol

Photographic Assistant: Dr Pro+

Location: London 20.10.09



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Taken on October 23, 2009