The LRAD on the Eve of the Convention

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    This is the NYPD's LRAD (Long-Range Acoustical Device) deployed on Seventh Avenue immediately north of Madison Square Garden during the United for Peace and Justice protest march on the eve of the Convention.

    Protesters were forced by the NYPD to turn right at this point (there are barricades and additional police in front of the LRAD) as per an agreement with UFPJ.

    Note the large black circle mounted on the Humvee. This is the actual sound device.

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    1. VivaAntarctica 120 months ago | reply

      This thing is actually pretty evil...(in the mischievous sense...not the bush admin sense)

      I mean you can tell it's a military weapon repainted in nypd blue. (and white)

      It can actually be pointed to the crowd and be a whisper in everyones ear. It's also totally directional (so no over spill)'s also capable enough to bring the entire crowd to their knees and not effect the officers inchs away from it.

      So much for loud speakers playing Van Halen

    2. AnomalousNYC 118 months ago | reply

      The NYPD is the most militarized police force in the US.

    3. tom_hoboken 91 months ago | reply

      This is a great catch!
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