Mimes and clowns
Yes, some people fear clowns (but like wild animals, they're more afraid of you than you are of them!) Still, we will never intentionally scare anyone while in character. So TAG Art offers a "non-clown clown" option – full costume, no makeup.

And we have variations on the clown motif. Mimes make a wonderful addition to Parisian events; Jesters can fit a Mardi Gras event quite well; sometimes a colorful stilt walker is all you really need!

If you want to scratch the clown look altogether but don't want to lose the comedy, ask about our professional comedic associates. From M.C. to stand-up, we have a host of family-friendly options for your consideration.

By the way, our clowns, comedians, and mimes can also be arranged to draw caricatures, juggle, paint faces and more!
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