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puffer fish on lake nasser

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Puffer fish on lake nasser, these are called 'Donkey fish' by the locals, they use these for bait for the big perch or throw them on the shore to die as they eat through their fishing nets, nice creatures, very funny noise comes from them, they actually sound like a donkey!

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  1. Rachel987 75 months ago | reply

    Doesn't hurt?

  2. catfeet2 74 months ago | reply

    No, I did think that the spikes were poisonus, but it is the teeth and internals that can do you damage! It can basically bite through tempered steel treble hooks, thanks.

  3. ✿в.м.24 [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    it's So Cute Koshy Koshy

  4. Mona Lisa in the Library 68 months ago | reply

    Don't they suffer when they are in this puffed up stage???

  5. parisxo 68 months ago | reply

    They die after they puff. :/ They cant be exposed to air at all. :(

  6. catfeet2 67 months ago | reply

    They DO NOT die, the minute you throw them back into the water they release the air and off they swim, this is a defense action when they blow themselves up, to make themselves look bigger, the locals will use these as bait for bigger fish, and the main reason they do this is because they will always survive as long as they are in water, so will always kick to get away.

  7. f.posada 65 months ago | reply

    Where is lake nasser located ?
    that puffer fish is cool and pretty that is bad they used it as bait, i wish i could have one of those in my aquarium ,
    nice picture

  8. darrahjay 64 months ago | reply

    aww it's soo cute

  9. katherine.fan 60 months ago | reply

    From my understanding, they don't die after the puff but it is bad for them to puff in air since they cannot release the air as they can water. Look it up if you dont believe me. It's sad that they're used as bait and left to die. :( I currently have a baby one. It's great! The little guy actually has a personality unlike many other fish. f,posada, you can definitely have one as a pet! They're quite demanding pets though since they get so big.

  10. catfeet2 58 months ago | reply

    Please do not stress, there were no puffer fish hurt in the making of this photo!! they are all returned to the water where they happily swim away. I will be uploading more piccies of puffer fish, as this one has quite a following!! thank you

  11. GresaMusa 50 months ago | reply

    i have a puffer fish
    with all the spikes
    it's dead though..

  12. bigheadbraindead 40 months ago | reply

    Great looking mbu-puffer!

  13. carlov2004 39 months ago | reply

    looks like a fahaka puffer to me

  14. idge74 26 months ago | reply

    Cool, like this a lot! @GresaMusa - me too, in my misguided childhood I bought one in the south of France which was made in to a windchime thingy with a little wicker hat on, makes me sad now!

  15. JoRo 78 15 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing your pic. I would like to share this link to those of you who are unfamiliar with puffers. And some pet stores do have them but they are sensitive and demanding little critters. They need good water quality and they are very curious. I had one for a while, very fun pet to have. :)


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