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Preventing Dry Socket after Getting Wisdom Tooth Removed | by johnmorris7001
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Preventing Dry Socket after Getting Wisdom Tooth Removed

Dry socket is the condition which tends to happen when you get your #tooth #extracted. The teeth which are most commonly extracted around the world are wisdom teeth. So the condition of dry socket is typically discussed whenever there is a discussion about wisdom tooth extraction. But the matter of fact is that this condition can occur after extraction of any tooth.


What is a dry socket?

You may wonder what a #dry_socket is. This condition is mainly related to the exposure of bone and nerve after the tooth is extracted. It happens when the natural process of clotting does not happen. As a result, the foods, fluids and even air can make the area quite sensitive. In the end, things can head towards infection which can be quite severe.


After getting your wisdom tooth extracted, you should have just a little bit of pain. But if the pain increase and radiates towards your ears and you find no respite from the painful condition, you need to immediately call your dentist.


Preventing dry socket

The time after extraction surgery can be quite painful and it is the time when small infection can lead to bigger problems. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are taking every precautionary measure that is required to avoid development of dry socket. A few things that raise the risk of dry socket may include:


•History of wisdom tooth removal

•History of dry socket

•Use of birth control

•Tobacco use

•Traumatic extraction (tooth extraction after an accident)

•Poor oral hygiene

•Use of medication that prevent blood clotting


After getting your wisdom tooth extracted, you have to make sure that you take every #antibiotic and #antiseptic #medicine which your dentist has suggested. Apart from that, you will have to ensure the following things to prevent dry socket.


•Make sure that you do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours after tooth extraction

•Avoid drinking from straw

•Be sure not to smoke for 72 hours after extraction

•Strictly avoid hot foods and beverages

•Do not eat crunchy foods

•Do not use alcohol

•Limit physical activity for 5 – 7 days


Treating dry socket

One thing worth mentioning here that dry socket is generally uncommon, i.e. only 2-5% of patients experience having dry sockets after tooth extraction. Although it is pretty painful condition and it doesn’t seem like going away pretty soon, dentists have the solutions to treat the condition. Generally, the dry socket #treatment strategy involves:


•Topical medications


•Strictly avoiding smoking

•Avoiding the intake of sugary drinks

•Avoiding the use of straws

•Ensuring proper oral care and hygiene


Apart from the things that you will need to do, your dentist is going to take care of the rest.


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Uploaded on October 26, 2018