Yard at the old house

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    In 1989, I bought my first house. The yard was too small, but we went to the dog park a lot. Then, I went to Florida, where the Gulf of Mexico was my back yard. When I came home to California four years ago, I couldn't stand the small yard anymore, and neither could the dogs. It took two years to find the right house, but we did. We now live on a quarter-acre lot, and we back up to six acres of fenced land. And it's still close to work. Paradise! In this picture, Ben was 6 (almost 7) and Heather, 4.

    1. Colorado Bulldogs ages ago | reply

      Small but at least you had a yard. Ben and Heather look pretty content with their world anyway. We have a nice big yard, though I don't know if it'd be big enough for flatcoat preferences. We looked at houses not long ago, and were so disappointed with the yard sizes, as we spend a lot of time in our back yard. We decided to stay where we are.

    2. Wabana ages ago | reply

      Nice to see Ben and Heather in their younger years! Funny how priorities change, isn't it? Suddenly, it is all about how to make the dogs happy! Same at my house!

    3. Wabana ages ago | reply

      Yeah, there is nothing like a Flatcoat puppy to turn your world upside-down! Can't wait to see yours grow up--that is a breeding that really interests me a LOT. And I can't wait to see Mary's new puppy from overseas, as it will be Viggo's cousin!

    4. Colorado Bulldogs ages ago | reply

      Must keep the dogs happy! :) Our furniture is selected with that in mind, vacations with whether or not they can come along... so many things! But it's our world, and that's how we like it. :)

    5. gundog247 ages ago | reply

      They would be happy no matter what size their yard! Love the flatcoat smiles :)

    6. schulze- ages ago | reply

      Our dogs deserve the best, don't they?? We also moved to a house, because my daughter wanted a lab...
      Have a nice weekend.

    7. Just Jo ages ago | reply

      They look very content and happy. What nice smiles they have!

    8. flatcoat123 ages ago | reply

      Good for you, you and your animals live in a paradise! Anyone must create his own,isn't it?

    9. The Grrls ages ago | reply

      It just amazes me that it was four years ago you trekked off to Florida! Seems like just yesterday ... the flatcoats still look like that min my mind. As do the grrls :)

    10. vagabondfcr ages ago | reply

      Although I have done a ton of work to my house, I would love to move where I had more land someday too. Our yard isn't too tiny but it would be nice to have more space for the dogs to run about! Nice picture!

    11. wiley creek ages ago | reply

      When we were looking for a house having enough room for the dogs was also a main priority. 1/2 acre surrounded by 10,000 of woods, and a creek not far what more could flat-coats ask for. Ben and Heather look great in this picture!!

    12. Henk & Anna ages ago | reply

      Heather! You've always been a looker. Oh boy!
      Love, Joop

    13. black dog_brown dog ages ago | reply

      Great pic....they look a little different than they do today, but you can tell they're still the same sweet dogs.

      Where's Drew?

    14. giori ages ago | reply

      Drewbie arrived about two years after this photo was taken. Andy (www.spadafori.com/Petsremembered.htm) had died, and Drew was in need of a new home. (Nobody wanted him because he was an "old man" of 5!) So ... Drew came home with me!

    15. flatcoat fan ages ago | reply

      Ben and Heather look like they're saying 'put that camera down, let's play'!

    16. Jakes_World ages ago | reply

      lovely family portrait Gina!!

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